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Cool kids can’t die

Cool kids can’t die

We choose the challenge Smart Cities where we focus on making people aware of the risks and consequences of air pollution. Besides air pollution we want to make people aware of their influences on the environment in cities. We believe in the power of learning the correct behaviour at the start instead of changing bad habits. That's why we want to start creating awareness about air pollution and other environmental impacts among children. We build an application called "Smokey" that creates awareness among kids between 7 and 13 in a fun and casual way. The application is focussed on augmented gaming, mini games, education, competition and physical movement. The kids get to know more about their environmental impact on the city by living in the city as the panda called Smokey. The panda has to win minigames, find seeds, grow crops and animals, walk around, lower his footprint and much more.

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Cool kids can’t die

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